How i works?

Drag a file onto "Drop files or click to attach" area. At this moment we allow only one file per message to be attached and the file's size is limited to 2GB. Fill up "From" and "To" fields accordingly and optionally write a short message to be included. "Send with receipt confirmation" will ask for a confirmation of delivery but it is receiver's option to generate one or not.
The file stays here for 7 days and can be downloaded as needed.

How many friends can have this attachment?

Maximum 10. Do not worry, you can insert only 10 email adresses on "To" field but you can forward the mail you receive as sender to as may as you want. Do not forget to erase sensitive information inserted within. Those informations are for "your eyes only".

Can I extend the time the file is available?

Yes, you can! More info about how to do this is in the mail you receive.

I've changed my mind and I want to erase the file... Can I do this?

Yes! Same solution: it is in the mail you receive.

I double changed my mind and I want the file restored after erasing... Can it be done?

Yes! After erase, the file will be unavailable for download but will be on the server for 24h. So you have one day to restore the file and make it again available for download to others. How to do this? It is described in your mail.

It is my file secured with you?

Yes! We have no intention to take a peek at files uploaded and based on the volume of traffic this kind of Service generates, human intervention must be reduced at minimum.

Can I upload any kind of file?

Yes, a condition to make use of the service you agree not to transfer any files that:

Attach2Mail reserves the right to investigate and/or remove, without warning, any Files from its servers or block You from accessing the Website or Service, when Attach2Mail finds, at their own discretion, or receives substantiated and valid complaints, that You violate these Terms including the Privacy) or act in violation of any applicable law or regulation.